Familias Fuertes

Programa familiar para prevenir conductas de riesgo en adolescentes

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Chatting with Kids About Being Online: Watch this video to learn how you  can talk with your child about using the internet safely.

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Scenes with Teens

Scripts to help you set the stage for talking with your kids about sex, sexuality, and relationships.

Read this script and see how one mother handles the topics of sex, teen pregnancy, and contraception. You don’t have to say the exact same things, but this script does give you some ideas for what a parent might say. And then you can decide the way you want to say things to your teen.

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Stress Management Skills for Young Adults

    • Talk about problems with others
    • Take deep breaths, accompanied by thinking or saying aloud, “I can handle this”
    • Perform progressive muscle relaxation, which involves repeatedly tensing and relaxing large muscles of the body
    • Set small goals and break tasks into smaller, manageable chunks
    • Exercise and eat regular meals
    • Get proper sleep
    • Break the habit of relying on caffeine or energy drinks to get through the day
    • Visualize and practice feared situations
    • Focus on what you can control (your reactions, your actions) and let go of what you cannot (other people’s opinions and expectations)
    • Work through worst-case scenarios until they seem amusing or absurd
    • Lower unrealistic expectations
    • Schedule breaks and enjoyable activities
    • Accept yourself as you are; identify your unique strengths and build on them
    • Give up on the idea of perfection, both in yourself and in others
    • SOURCE: Dyl, J. Helping teens cope with stress.